Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Bedding Heaven

So, a little while back I told you guys about us buying a new house and getting moved in and all that good stuff. Well, when we moved in we bought new bedroom furniture and bedding because that we something we were definitely in need of. 

So, this is the bedding set we chose. Except, we went with dark purple sheets instead of the cream sheets in this pic. Guys, this bedding is absolute heaven! I have never slept so wonderfully. We purchased this bedding from Bed Bath & Beyond. Before this, I had never had any bedding from there, so this has been an absolute amazing first experience. I do believe that from now on I will be purchasing all of my sheets from there. 

Do you have any favorite bedding brands or stores that you love? Please tell me more!


  1. We bought some sheets from there right after we got married and they were amazing. I had forgotten about them. Need to go back.

  2. Macy's is usually my go to place for bedding. They have a variety of sophisticated styles and colors. TJ Max also carry great bedding at a discounted price.