Friday, June 7, 2013

Hush, Hush Series Review

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Apparently I am a little late to the party for this series. I guess I missed all the hype for it when it was new. But, I am just now getting around to reading it. 

I finished the last book of the series a couple of days ago, and I have been letting my feelings for these books mull around in my mind for a little bit before I decided how I felt about them. And, I've come to the conclusion that I have mixed feelings about this series. 

On one hand, there were some aspects of this series that I absolutely loved and couldn't get enough of. But, on the other hand, there was some aspects that I had serious issues with that caused me to question a lot of things about the characters, plot, etc.

So, let's start with some of the issues I had:
  • First of all, the mythology of fallen angels that Fitzpatrick uses/creates/adapts. I have a lot of questions about this. And I'm not entirely sure I buy into everything she presents.
  • The parents in this series, specifically Nora's mother, are pretty shoddy parents. Nora's father was murdered a year ago, but her mother has no problems leaving her home alone for days at a time in their isolated home in the country when her daughter is obviously dealing with some major problems through out the series. I have huge issues with the parents in these books. 
  • For Nora to be such a smart girl, she makes some really dumb and questionable choices. Seriously, there are more of these than I can list. 
  • Throughout the course of the series, the bad guys all start to seem the same. By the time I finished the last book, most of the bad guys (except for Hank) seemed to blend together in my mind and I had a hard time remembering and differentiating which bad guy did what.
  • The policies of the school Nora and Vee attend. Obviously, Fitzpatrick has no experience in a high school setting as an adult. First of all, if a student reports to a teacher that another student is harassing/bothering/bullying them, the teacher must report this to the appropriate people, not assign the reporting student to be the tutor of the harasser. This is only one of many examples of inexcusable behavior of the adults at this school.
Now, to the things about this series that I did like:
  • PATCH - I absolutely loved this character, seriously made me swoon. I've read a lot of reviews that really hate and despise this character, presenting his as a would-be rapist, stalker, etc. But, I didn't get that feeling at all. I just saw him as a good-looking, cocky, typical guy. Maybe I was just too caught up in the story that this didn't jump out to me. But, for me, he made this entire series. I could not get enough of him.
  • Marci. Yes, even though she is Nora and Vee's nemesis, I loved her. Let me explain. As a character, I completely hated her. She made my blood boil every time should came into the story, but I think that means that the author is doing something well. I liked the character of Marci because I hated her so much. Does that make sense? Surely you understand what I'm saying here, you know, it's like how you like certain actors because that are so good at playing bad guys. 
  • The cover art on the books. For me, this is one of the first things that draws me to a book. If I find the cover art interesting, more than likely, I'll give the book a shot.
  • The author wasn't afraid to kill off an important character in the end. For me, this is very important. If an author is willing to off one of the most popular and important characters, this shows a little bit of bravery. And sometimes, as a reader, its good to feel pain and grief in order to better experience the love and happiness. 
Overall, I enjoyed this series. It was about on par with other YA series of the same genre. It follows the same story arch as other similar books. In reality, it's almost just like everything else that is out there now in this area. But, there are a few small aspects of the story that make it different and interesting. Would I say that this is one of the best YA series to be published? No, I wouldn't say that. Honestly, it probably isn't even in my top ten. But, I did find it light and enjoyable. It kept my interest and I was happy to keep reading and see how it would all play out. 

For more information about this series, you can click here to read more about the series on goodreads.

What about you? Have you read this series? If so what did you think?

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  1. i really liked this series!

  2. I loved this series. I am trying to remember if I read Finale. I can't believe I don't remember. I will have to look on my goodreads page.

    1. I've forgotten things I have read before too. Sometimes I'll get half way though a book before I realize that I have read it before. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I read the first book a few years ago and I really loved it. I must admit I was crushing on Patch quite a bit but I did find the 'questionable decisions' really far fetched.. it was almost annoying - but anything for a leading male character that'll make you swoon.

    1. Characters that make questionable decisions that don't seem realistic always irritate me. And normally I don't crush on too many male leads, but there was something about Patch that caught my attention. :) Thanks for stopping by!