Thursday, February 14, 2013

Giving Away an iPad Mini! Ya heard?


I am so super excited to be working with these lovely ladies to give away an iPad Mini! 

That's right...we are giving away and iPad mini....

For Real! 

Meet the lovely ladies who helped put this all together! 

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5 // 6 // 7 // 8
9 // 10 // 11 // 12
13 // 14 // 15 // 16
17 // 18 // 19 // Me

Just a few rules before we get this par-tay started

*You must complete all the mandatory entries or you will be disqualified.
*Please make sure you give additional info where asked- it makes it easier to verify when you win :)
*Please see all the terms and conditions on the Rafflecopter.
*It's not mandatory, but you may want to thank some of the lovely ladies above for hosting this awesome giveaway!

And of course do all the entries you can to increase your chances.

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Monday, February 4, 2013

Gosh! I love these ladies!

Very late in my college years I made one of the best decisions of my life, a decision that was so completely atypical of anything I had previously done. I decided to join a sorority. Seriously, I was in my third or fourth year of college when I decided to do this. Most people make this decision early on, like in their first or second year. 

But, anyway, in 2005 I was given the opportunity to become a member of Alpha Sigma Alpha. 

Although I wasn't able to be an active member throughout my entire college experience, I am forever thankful for the time I did have as an active member before I graduated. I made some amazing friends and developed some of the strongest bonds that I still have today. 

Moving forward five years; I have graduated, completed grad school, gotten married, working at a grown up job, and this fabulous organization contacts me and asks if I am interested in being an advisor for the local chapter. 

So, of course I say yes. I agree to volunteer as a membership advisor and meet with new members once a week. At first, this was a little awkward being that I have grown up a little and moved on with my life, but I have to say how touched I am at seeing how so many things stay the same. The girls that are active members now have all come along since I graduated. Previously, I didn't know any of them. But, I have been so super excited to get to know these girls and build bonds with them as well. Regardless of when I was active, there are still so many things that we share and have in common. 

Even now, at this point in my life, I am thankful for Alpha Sigma Alpha and the many ways it has blessed my life. And I just wanted to share with you all the happiness and pride that I feel in being a member of this organization.

How about you? Were any of you in a sorority? Were you a typical "sorority girl"? Or were you like me, a sorority girl that was so completely the opposite of what people believe to be the typical "sorority girl"? 

I would love to hear about your Greek experiences!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Stuck in a Rut

I don't know what's the matter with me lately. I feel like I'm in a little bit of a blogging rut. I know we all go through this from time to time, but I still don't like it. I don't like feeling like this one bit.

I just don't feel like I know what I want to write about. I feel like I don't have anything to write about.

I just feel kind of blah!

So, today, I'm asking you...what do you do to get out of these ruts? How do you get over blogging funks?

Right now I am open to all ideas and suggestions.