Saturday, December 22, 2012

I survived! What about you?

Just in case you were worried, I survived! I hope you did too. Last I heard, there were no sudden unexplained deaths or disappearances, etc... So, hopefully, we all survived unaffected.

Moving on, as everyone knows, Christmas is approaching, and with that comes family get-togethers and grandma's food. 

So, I thought I would take this opportunity to share with you some of the get-together traditions my family practices every year. 

First of all, on the Saturday before Christmas (today), my mother's family gathers at my grandmother's house for supper and a few gifts. This includes about 25 people; all of my mother's sisters and their children, and grandchildren. Usually, it is kind of a Mexican meal with enchiladas, chips and salsa, queso, etc. I really don't know when this meal turned into a fiesta, but we love it. And it is a nice break from all the other "normal" holiday food that comes with every other holiday meal. After  everyone has eaten and the kitchen has been cleaned up, we all gather in the living room to open a few gifts. Then, sometimes, after gifts are exchanged and everyone is getting tired, we may play some board games or cards. 

Now that my brother and I are grown and married, our Christmas Eve traditions have changed a little. As adults, we go back to our parents' home and have supper together and spend some quality time with each other. Since there are so many fewer people here than at my grandmother's this tends to be a more relaxed gathering. While hubs and I have no children, my brother and his wife have two. So, I really enjoy getting to spend time with them and spoil them with gifts. My dad's mother usually joins us for this meal as well. 

Finally, on Christmas morning, the husband and I get up and exchange gifts between the two of us. Then we are usually pretty lazy for the rest of the morning. About noon we head to his parents' house to eat lunch and spend time with his parents and his sister's family. Sometimes his aunts and cousins join us, but it is always a good meal and a good time. 

By the time we leave his parents, we are usually pretty tired and glad not to have any more get-together obligations. As much as we love our families, we always enjoy that holiday time at home by ourselves enjoying each other's company. 

How about you and your family, do you have the same standing plans every year or do your plans change from year to year?

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  1. I survived too :D Haha it could be the joke of the century to believe on Mayans .
    There's no such tradition like family gathering for any occasion .
    Found your blog through blog hop , I'm a new follower :)
    Noor @ Noor's Place