Friday, November 30, 2012

I should be banned from Hobby Lobby

Really, I should. I went in today to do a LITTLE bit of shopping for a couple of specific gifts and a few holiday craft supplies. Guess how much I spent?!? Over 50 bucks! I can never get out of that store with spending less than that...and I have made a conscious effort to try to do so. I came home today with four bags full of goodies. I mean how can I be expected to pass up on their amazing deals on cuuuute holiday decor. Truth is...I can't. No one should be expected to pass up those kind of deals. I mean, really??? 50% off all holiday decor! Yeah, I'm gonna get my money's worth. But, after today, I have banned myself from that least until after Christmas.

How about you? Is there anywhere you shop that you just utterly have no self control, and really shouldn't be expected to?


  1. Story of my life. And there are THREE all within 30 minutes of my house. I was there yesterday and blew $60. But technically most of that was for wreaths I'm selling so that doesn't count right?! :)

    1. If I lived that close to a Hobby Lobby, I think I would be consistently broke. Maybe it's a good thing I have to make a little bit of a drive to get there. But, I don't have a good excuse like you do, I'm just blowing money! Ha! :)

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  3. For me, it's amazon or Sephora or Target. I lose track of the purpose for shopping there and end up spending way too much!!

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  4. LOVE hobby lobby, always end up with stuff I don't need!
    Helene in Between