Saturday, June 23, 2012

Federal Agent Elvis Presley?

Confession…I love Elvis. I love everything about Elvis…even old Vegas Elvis. But, I recently learned something about the King that blew my mind.

Did you know that Elvis met with President Nixon to discuss the possibility of making him a Federal Agent at large to work in the war against the drug culture?

Elvis actually wrote a letter to the President on American Airlines stationary while on an American Airlines flight. He then hand delivered the letter to a guard at the White House, who then passed along the letter.

Elvis goes on to explain to the President how he would be beneficial in working with the Hippies, Black Panthers, etc. and how he would be a great help to the President and his team.

When I first found out about this, I couldn’t believe it. I thought there was no way it could be for real.

But, the National Archives has an entire website devoted to this meeting that resulted from Elvis’s letter.

This is a great site, complete with transcripts from the meeting, copies of the agenda, and photos from the meeting. Click here if you want to read a little more about this strange meeting. 

I had a ton a fun playing around on this website, looking at the pictures, and picking out all of the spelling and grammar errors in the letter that Elvis wrote. I even caught myself giggling to myself a few times. 

If you click over and find anything particularly interesting, make sure to come back and let me know. 

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