Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Blog Makeover

I really, really, really want a blog makeover. 

Blog design is by no means my area of expertise. 

I'm tired of looking at my generic blog design that I somehow created in Blogger. 

I love looking at other bloggers' super cute pages and 

then I sit and wish mine looked just as cute.

As I look at blogs, I mentally take note of things 

that I really like or find interesting.


If you know of anyone that does affordable blog design, 

I'm completely open to suggestions. 



  1. I am a complete computer m-o-r-o-n. Seriously. But just by googling the things I wanted to do and following tutorials, I was able to customize my blog for free by myself - you should try! Mine used to be a lot fancier, with a detailed background I made in Photoshop (something else I had no prior experience with), but I got tired of it (too busy) so I simplified. If you're worried about messing with your code, just save the template first - then you can always reinstall it and it'll be just the way it was when you saved. I love your books and buttons and social icons - I think you have more talent for this than you give yourself credit for. ;)

  2. My blog was done by
    Jenn was so great to work with. She has a big price range and even some pre designed ones that you can use. Check her out. I am really happy w/ how my blog came out.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. I have been looking at Jenn's work and I love it. I never would have known about her without your comment. Thanks!