Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday's letters


Dear Friday,
I am so glad you are finally here! Every week I am reminded how thankful I am for you.

Dear Husband,
I really hate when you have to work the night shift on weekends. I prefer weekends when we are both off work.

Dear Mom,
I'm looking forward to our day together tomorrow. We always have so much fun!

Dear School Year,
Hurry up and be finished! I am just as ready for summer break as my students! 

Dear Rainy Weather,
I love you and I am so glad you are here today! 


  1. Visiting from the Friday Letters link up! Hope you enjoy your time with your mom tomorrow and your weekend!

  2. Hey lady! Thanks for joining the link-up this week! Summer s almost here-just a few more weeks! Have fun with your mom!


  3. Love that you teach! I went to school for teaching and hope to use it someday soon :) and yes, how nice to have a summer vacation! loving your cute blog, going to go catch up now!

    1. What do you hope to teach? Currently, I teach English to high school students, 7th - 12th grade. Some days its pretty tough. Also right now, I am working on getting my library-media certification and I am hoping to find that type of position soon.

  4. what a fun idea! stopping by from the Friday Hop!