Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday's letters


Dear Friday,
I am so glad you are finally here! Every week I am reminded how thankful I am for you.

Dear Husband,
I really hate when you have to work the night shift on weekends. I prefer weekends when we are both off work.

Dear Mom,
I'm looking forward to our day together tomorrow. We always have so much fun!

Dear School Year,
Hurry up and be finished! I am just as ready for summer break as my students! 

Dear Rainy Weather,
I love you and I am so glad you are here today! 

Thursday, April 19, 2012



I don't know about you guys, but I have been impatiently waiting for the Pottermore site to open up to everyone. I was crushed when I initially found out it was starting off with a few Beta users, and that I was not going to be one of the chosen few!

But, thankfully, the time has finally come! Pottermore is now open to everyone! How exciting is that?

Earlier this week, I logged on and created my account.

The experience begins with the user walking through the early chapters of the first book, but eventually, the user makes it to Diagon Alley to purchase supplies for Hogwarts. The user even gets to purchase their very own wand!

This is the wand that chose me...

Blackthorn with unicorn core, ten inches, unyielding.

I absolutely love it! This is the perfect wand for me. 

So, the wand selection was one of my favorite parts of Pottermore, but my other favorite part (so far) was being sorted into a specific house. I have always been pretty curious as to which house I would be sorted to. I honestly had no idea which one I would belong to. I could see different aspects of my personality that would possibly place me into any of the four. 

But, I never expected to seriously be placed in...

But, nevertheless, I am beginning to enjoy my new group and all the implications that come along with being a Slytherin. 

I am so excited to keep moving through the Pottermore experience, and see all the other little extra pieces of information that pop up relating to the series. As much as I loved the entire Harry Potter series, and as sad as I was to see it end, nothing will ever entirely replace the feelings and affection I feel toward the original seven novels, but this is a new and interesting way for me to stay involved with the world the J.K. Rowling created! 

So, how about you guys? Has anyone else visited or participated in Pottermore yet? What do you think? 

Oh...and make sure you add me as a friend. My username is JinxPurple5663. 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Just a little bit of catching up...

I've had lots of little things going on for the past week. Nothing terribly major, but putting them all together leaves little time for blogging. So, today I thought I would share a few of these little aspects of my life...

1. Our old computer has been about to kill over on us for months now. Last week the husband and I decided to break down and finally buy a new one. I am thrilled to say that we bought our first Mac. For a while now, I've been debating on whether or not a Mac was what I wanted. Now, a week after our purchase, I am super glad this is what we chose.

2. This week the husband and I also decided to add another fur baby to our family. We went to our local animal shelter and adopted a new kitty. Her name is Dot. She is adorable and so loving. I am so happy we could give her a happy, loving home.

3. Also, I have an interview next week. I have mentioned in the past that I currently teach high school; 7th-12th grade English. I've also mentioned that I'm not entirely happy at my present position. For the last year, I have been taking classes to get my library-media certification. So, this new interview is for this type of position. I am super excited and really hopeful. Wish me luck!

4. Speaking of school, next week is probably the most stressful week our school experiences all year long. Next week is standardized testing week. The whole week our staff stays stressed, our kids stay stressed, and our administrators stay stressed. We have really smart kids in our school, and that always do pretty well. But, the importance of the results isn't forgotten by anyone. Alas...the effects of No Child Left Behind (but that's another soap box I'll save for another day...).

How about you? Anything interesting or noteworthy going on in your life? I'd like to hear all about it!