Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Postcrossing Postcard

I don't know if any of you participate in Postcrossing or not, but I personally love it.

With Postcrossing, you create an account and you are basically given addresses of different people around the world to send a postcard to. You can request a single or even multiple addresses.

Then, once the postcard you have sent is received, and that user logs into their account and records your postcard, you will then receive a postcard from a random person somewhere in the world.

I haven't shared much of my Postcrossing activity on my blog, but I think I may begin to make this a regular thing. I am always super excited about the cards I receive. Some of them are so amazing. Sometimes they ever some from some of the most random and remote parts of the world. I find this to be super interesting. Plus, it's always great to get fun stuff in the mail, anything other than bills and "official" mail.

Today I received a new card. This one came from Erica in Michigan. I think this is a lovely card showing off the skyline of Detroit.

These are also a few of my other favorites that I have received in the past.

This one is from the Netherlands.

And this one is from China.

This one is also from the Netherlands.

What about you guys? Any interesting hobbies of web sites to share? 


  1. I ADORE POSTCROSSING! I've put up a huge map in the hall and we've started putting pins where all that I've received are from! I display the cards around the edges--it makes your mail something to look forward to, doesn't it?

  2. This is so cool! I Just signed up!