Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Getting outside in the Spring-time

A few weeks ago, for my husband's birthday, we made a couple of great purchases.

We bought bicycles for the both of us. Since January, we have been paying more attention to our health, and making a conscious effort to be more active and exercise more.

This is the bike that I picked out...and I LOVE it!

I love the old-timey look to it, while it still looks modern and fun. The seat is comfortable and the handles are situated where I am sitting pretty straight as I ride. 

We have a walking track, literally, right across the street from our apartment complex, so we have no excuse for not getting out of the house and riding. And, I must say, I have been very proud of us since we bought these bikes. For the past 3-4 weeks, we have gotten out and ridden about three or four days a week. I think that's pretty good. And the weather has been pretty amazing as well. We have had fabulous, fresh, spring-time weather for the past few weeks. It has been great. 

How about you? Do you have any outside activities that you love? We are always looking for new and interesting activities, so we welcome any suggestions.


  1. that bike is so cute! I have a little turquoise number I like to take out on summer days.

  2. Oh its an Hollandrad or Omafits. (Dutch bike or grandma-fits)! Its quite common where I live. Everybody drive it. I do it every day. I love to walk, too. My husband tried in-line-skating, but it was a desaster. Many people do geo-catching, but its not my cup of tea. And here in Europe we love nordic-walking. (If I´ m honest, I make always fun of the nordic-walker. They don´t walk, they dragging only their sticks behind them.)

    1. Oh forget: This is my bike (in grey)
      Its 28 ". For me wasn´t the look so important, but the mechanics. Like I said I drive every day. I even have a special http://www.zweiradacht.com/zweiradacht-p324h40s42-Lepper-Damen-Sattel-.html?refid=Froogle for it. (Sorry, couldn´t find the english word for "Sattel")