Thursday, February 9, 2012

I have a student observer...eeek!!!

If you didn't know...I am a high school English teacher. I teach grades 7, 8, 11, and 12. Last year I also taught 10th and 9th. So, yeah, I have a pretty heavy load.

Anyway, last week my principal introduced me to a perky young lady and he informed me that she would be spending Wednesdays with me for the semester. She is a college student who plans to go into high school education, specifically English education. So, I politely said hello and that I would be happy to have her in my classroom.

Well, after that meeting last week, things got kind of busy, and I honestly forgot all about it. Crazy huh? How could I forget something like that?

Well, the week passed and yesterday morning she showed up eager and ready. She is wonderful, excited to learn, and eager to become a teacher. She is exactly what schools should want in a new teacher preparing to enter the field of education.

And....this makes me very nervous. I've never had someone sit and watch everything I am doing...and take notes. (Except for my principal when he does our performance evaluations) But this young lady, she is looking at me through a different lens than my principal does when he observes. She is looking at me as a role model for the profession....

 I'm not a perfect teacher. I mean, I work hard and try my best, but I can only wonder what type of impression I'm making upon her. I hope she sees me as a positive example of educators. I hope I can share some helpful and useful knowledge. I'm just really nervous...really, really, nervous.

I'm sure everything will be great. I'm sure the semester will pass and she will learn so much more than I realize, or even more than she realizes. She will have to prepare and present at least two lessons during the semester as well as a few other "teacher" tasks. She seemed pleased when she left this week. She commented on the excellent behavior of the students, and how excited she was to be at our school. So, I hope this continues. I hope I provide her with information and an experience that will be valuable to her in the future.


  1. Haha, we'v got student nurses at the moment and iv been wondering/hoping the same!! (Awesome blog!)

  2. Just don't be like Cameron Diaz in Bad Teacher and your students will come out on top!

    In all seriousness, don't worry. You will do absolutely fine!

    1. Ha! Oh god! I hope I'm nowhere near that bad, even on my worse day!