Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting!

Whoa! Look at me, two posts in one day! That hardly ever happens! Look at me being all kinds of productive.

But, I digress...

Here were are, another Wednesday, and another link-up with The Vintage Apple for ...


So, here are a few of my favorite pins this week...

So, how about you guys? Any great pins this week? Please share!


  1. Love the ideas for old cards... I am really great at saving them.. not so great at doing things with them.. and the Bazinga made me smile!! :)

    I found a Valentines Day craft that was super cute - "I dig you" Maybe if I feel crafty I'll make them for my co-workers!

  2. Jenny, I just checked out that link. Those are the cutest Valentine's Day gifts I have seen in a long time! Super Cute!