Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmases Past

When Christmas comes around every year, there are always some memories and traditions that can't be forgotten. Everyone has those things they do with their family every year; maybe you put up your tree on a certain day, maybe you make cookie with your kids, maybe you have certain holiday meals. The point is, Christmas means many things to many people.

So, when the holidays roll around every year, I immediately think of my great-grandmother and the days and days she would spend making tons and tons of Christmas candy and other goodies. For my family, this is one of the most special memories we have. She was an amazing cook, especially when it came to her Christmas candy. She was always so proud and happy to share. She made it all; Millionaires, Divinity, Cheese Straws, Holiday Chex Mix, and so many more...

Its hard to believe that it has been nearly ten years since we have eaten any of her Christmas specialties.

I still miss my Mam-maw.

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