Sunday, January 30, 2011

Boring Blogger

I admit it...I've been a bit on the boring side of blogging lately. I have several valid excuses though.

Here are a couple of them...

1. I was re-reading the Harry Potter series. It's been years since I read the very first book in the series, and I finished the seventh book back in 2007 when it was released. So, with the final installment of the film series coming to an end in a few months, I figured this was a good time to go back and immerse myself in the series again. It took me about 6 weeks to read all seven books, but I am so so so glad I did. I absolutely love this series. For me, it has been life-changing. Seriously, I know I sound like such a nerd, but I don't care. I can't imagine living a life without the experience of reading this series. My heart breaks a little more every time I think about it all being over. I could seriously talk about Harry Potter for hours without getting tired of it, so I'm just going to stop now. (I am working on another post right now about my re-reading of the series as an adult though....)

2. And the number two reason that I've been such a boring blogger lately is because I have been busy putting together puzzles. I love, love, love puzzles. I haven't put one together in a long time, so I picked one up at the store the other day, and it has completely consumed my life. All my time at home the last few days has been dedicated to my puzzle.

So, anyway, hopefully I'll get back into the blogging swing of things again. I've got several ideas for posts that I want to write, I've just got to get around to writing them....

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  1. Is the Harry Potter series really THAT good?

    I started reading them a million years ago but never finished. I think I got halfway through the second one when I stopped. Would I enjoy them if I have absolutely no idea what the storyline is about? haha