Wednesday, December 29, 2010

When I am queen of the world...

When I am queen of the world I will make it my personal ambition to educate people on proper parking lot etiquette. I HATE people who do not know how to navigate through a parking lot without creating inconveniences for everyone else.

Now, I know everyone has their pet peeves. Everyone is annoyed by something. This is what annoys me the most: people who drive through an angled parking lot in the wrong direction. You know, those parking lots where the spaces are angled to make parking easier. And usually, these types of parking lots have arrows painted all over the place to indicate which direction you need to be driving down each aisle. But, there is always someone who thinks that these general rules don't apply to them, so they drive down the aisles the wrong way, and then....they even try to park coming in from the wrong direction. So, now, when someone comes along driving the RIGHT way down the aisle, they have to stop and wait on the obnoxious person to make about a 50 point turn as they try to squeeze their Suburban in a space that's barely big enough for a Volkswagen.

You have no idea how much this annoys me! I want to jump out of my car and attack people when I see them doing this. Not that I'd really do that, the thought just crosses my mind.

Please take note of the masterpiece I have created to help illustrate my point, being that I could not find an appropriate image on Google.

What about you? What are the little things that really push your buttons? How do you handle them?

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  1. I don't drive, but as a human, I'm just as annoyed as you are by people who drive against the arrows. They're there for a reason!

    I have a lot of things that push my buttons but can't think of any right now! I guess people who have no respect for others (probably because I lived with a girl who fit this description). As a shy girl, I just keep my mouth shut and suck it up (especially since this same girl told me I always throw a fit and get mad when things don't go my way so I'm trying to not let minor things upset me).