Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Love, Love, Love It!

Recently I caved and made a purchase that, initially, I swore I would never make. About two months ago I purchased an electronic reader. My choice was the Nook, by Barnes and Noble. I finally have to admit… I LOVE IT!

When the e-readers began to really hit the scene a few years ago, I swore them off. I'm too much of a book fanatic to ever give up on an actual book. I love the feel of the pages, I love the smell when a new book is opened for the first time, or an old one is opened for the first time in a long time. I love the sound new binding makes the first time it's cracked. I love everything about books. Knowing this about myself, I assumed I would never even be able to talk myself into one of these modern, technologically inclined contraptions. I'd just stick to what I know and love. But, somehow, little by litter, these new inventions began to creep into my life. First it was the Kindle. Then, during the two years I spent working at a large bookstore chain, the Sony E-Reader presented itself, and all employees where "encouraged" to suggest them to all customers ( i.e. do it or your hours will get cut). I moved on from that job to a more professional career, but I still love bookstores and can't keep myself away. But, every time I try to buy a book, whether online or in the store I am told, "We also offer this in an electronic format that is compatible with our insert brand name electronic reader. Would you be interested in insert brand name electronic reader? After saying "No, I'm not interested in your brand of electronic reading" for a few years, I finally broke down. I finally told myself, "Yes, I am interested in the option of electronic reading."

I couldn't believe it. I don't know what came over me, but I finally convinced myself that electronic reading may have its advantages. So, I began shopping around. Initially, I was set on the Kindle. Obviously, it's the most popular and the most advertised. It was the reader I knew the most about. But, as I began asking around, I found that there were several options I never knew existed. The one I became most impressed with was the Nook, by Barnes and Noble. I was convinced!

Now, its two months later and I haven't regretted this purchase at all. I've learned that just because I have an electronic reader and some books are more reasonably purchased in that format doesn't mean that I have to give up 'real' books. There are some purchases I will always make as 'real' books. I'm just that stubborn. I have been pleasantly surprised though to find that some books are cheaper in their electronic format (but not always). I have saved myself a few trips to the bookstore; admittedly, this could be seen in both a positive and negative light. But, overall, I have to say that this was a pretty logical purchase for me and my life.

Tell me, do you have an electronic reader?

Any opinions, stories, suggestions, comments on this topic?


  1. I have been playing with the idea of getting an electronic reader as well, but like you I also love the feeling of an actual book. I also love my bookshelf, it's sort of like someone with a ton of movies! They're fun to show off. But I've heard some really great things about electronic readers, and one of them was that it has allowed them to step out of their "comfort zone" for reading because you can find really cheap books right at your finger tips! A friend of mine read a book the other day, just because it was $1! I think one day (when someone is going to buy one for me) I'm definitely going to get one. Like you said, you can always go back to regular books! :) Glad you're happy with your new purchase!!!

  2. Hello! I'm really in love with e-reading! I also recently purchased a reader (Kindle) and wrote about it in my book blog:

    I agree with everything you say. At first it's so easy to say no because actual books are wonderful, but switching mediums shouldn't really affect anybody who is passionate about reading. It's definitely not a bad thing when people are presented with more choices.

    And like you, there are some books that I'd still purchase as books. :) I'm also intrigued by the Nook. I just don't know how it would fare given that I live outside the US.