Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Fun

So, most people get their pumpkins carved at least a week or so before Halloween. We tend to procrastinate in our home. So, here's some pics of our night before Halloween, pumpkin carving, fun!

Pumpkin Guts!!!!


So, he doesn't find them as enticing as I do...

All Finished!!!

(Yeah, I know our pumpkin looks a little...ummm..."special")

Happy Halloween!!!!

Be safe and have fun!!!


  1. yours is more impressive than mine! mine has simple triangle eyes and a simple smiley face, not very scary, haha.
    Happy halloween!

  2. Haha cute pumpkin! I never do the pumpkin carving thing. I suck at making the faces.

  3. hi new pen pal!
    my pumpkin also looked special haha I gave him buck teeth