Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Fun

So, most people get their pumpkins carved at least a week or so before Halloween. We tend to procrastinate in our home. So, here's some pics of our night before Halloween, pumpkin carving, fun!

Pumpkin Guts!!!!


So, he doesn't find them as enticing as I do...

All Finished!!!

(Yeah, I know our pumpkin looks a little...ummm..."special")

Happy Halloween!!!!

Be safe and have fun!!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Only 2 Days Until…

NaNoWriMo!!! I am super excited about NaNoWriMo this year. This is going to be my first year as an actual participant. For the last three years, my friend, Elizabeth, has been trying to get me to participate. Previously, I've always had some excuse. Either I didn't have time; I had too much school work, etc. The thing is, I came to realize that I'm always going to have some reason not to do this, so I need to just bite the bullet and do it already. I'm always going to be short on time; I'm always going to have other things that need to be done. Those things aren't going to change. What needs to change is my motivation. I need to get some motivation and make myself commit to this project.

And that's exactly what I'm doing. I have created my NaNoWriMo profile. I've already been working on ideas and story lines. I have a general idea of what I want to write about. I've just got to put myself out there. My words, my thoughts, my ideas, all of these put together should create something. I have no idea how the final product will turn out, but 30 days and 50,000 words should produce something. Right?

So, I'm going into this with high hopes and great expectations. (Ha! That was totally an accident.) So wish me luck and feel free to check out my progress at any time throughout the month of November.

My NaNoWriMo username is: SaraDBVerde

And if you're at all interested in writing, this is definitely a project you should look into.

For more information click here.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I'm on Facebook

I created a Facebook page for my blog today! I'm kind of excited.

If you get a chance, I'd appreciate a visit and a "like."


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Literally Harry Potter

I absolutely LOVE all things Harry Potter. I'm approaching the movie version of Deathly Hallows with mixed emotions. Although I'm excited for the release of the movie, I know I'm going to be sad when its over. I have followed this series from the very beginning, from the release of the American edition of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone until now, I have been a loyal fan. To graduate with my BA in English, I was required to do a senior research project. My research focused on the argument for the literary value of Harry Potter. (It was actually a pretty good project, if I do say so myself.) Needless to say, I been a fan for a long time.

Being the fan that I am, when I saw this video I laughed out loud for at least five minutes.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

*I apologize that the video screen doesn't exactly fit....

So, what do you think?

Was this funny or what?

Did you love it?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happy Mailboxes

I don't know about you, but I LOVE getting things in the mail. I mean real things, not bills and junk. But, it seems that as I've gotten older, more of my mail consists of things I don't particularly like. For a while now, it has been kind of dull and boring to check the mail every day (except when I'm expecting something from Netflix).

When I was a kid, I was really involved in pen-palling. I had pen pals all across the country and even a few from Europe. I loved making cards and decorating envelopes to send to someone else. I loved the feeling of receiving an envelope mailed specifically to me. I miss those feelings.

Well, recently I found a web site that that I find particularly appealing. is a site that brings people together through post cards. As an adult, I don't have the time to contribute to thoughtful letter writing, but post carding provides the same opportunities, just in a different format. This site allows people from all over the world to send and receive post cards. I have become completely addicted. I have sent out more post cards lately than I have in my entire life, and the ones I am receiving, make me smile when I open my mailbox.

It's good to open the mailbox with a smile, knowing something specifically for me could be in there; something that doesn't require a payment!

If you're interested, check it out. You'll be glad you did.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Help Please

When it comes to technology, I’ll be the first to admit…I’m not uber-savy. I know enough to do what I want to do. But, every now and then I come across something that I wish I knew more about or was more familiar with. That’s what’s going on with me right now.

Looking at other people’s blogs, I often see those really cute social media buttons that you can click on and it will direct you to the blogger's twitter page, YouTube page, facebook page, etc. Some of these buttons are really neat and add a little more personality to the blog.

So, I’ve been noticing these and wondering what I need to do to incorporate some of these in my blog. I’ve have browsed around the internet, tried several searches on Google, and I can’t find a way that easily explains how to place these buttons into a blog.

I’m asking for help here. If anyone knows how to do this and could explain it in a fairly simple way, I would really appreciate the help.

These are some of the icons that I would like to use.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Love, Love, Love It!

Recently I caved and made a purchase that, initially, I swore I would never make. About two months ago I purchased an electronic reader. My choice was the Nook, by Barnes and Noble. I finally have to admit… I LOVE IT!

When the e-readers began to really hit the scene a few years ago, I swore them off. I'm too much of a book fanatic to ever give up on an actual book. I love the feel of the pages, I love the smell when a new book is opened for the first time, or an old one is opened for the first time in a long time. I love the sound new binding makes the first time it's cracked. I love everything about books. Knowing this about myself, I assumed I would never even be able to talk myself into one of these modern, technologically inclined contraptions. I'd just stick to what I know and love. But, somehow, little by litter, these new inventions began to creep into my life. First it was the Kindle. Then, during the two years I spent working at a large bookstore chain, the Sony E-Reader presented itself, and all employees where "encouraged" to suggest them to all customers ( i.e. do it or your hours will get cut). I moved on from that job to a more professional career, but I still love bookstores and can't keep myself away. But, every time I try to buy a book, whether online or in the store I am told, "We also offer this in an electronic format that is compatible with our insert brand name electronic reader. Would you be interested in insert brand name electronic reader? After saying "No, I'm not interested in your brand of electronic reading" for a few years, I finally broke down. I finally told myself, "Yes, I am interested in the option of electronic reading."

I couldn't believe it. I don't know what came over me, but I finally convinced myself that electronic reading may have its advantages. So, I began shopping around. Initially, I was set on the Kindle. Obviously, it's the most popular and the most advertised. It was the reader I knew the most about. But, as I began asking around, I found that there were several options I never knew existed. The one I became most impressed with was the Nook, by Barnes and Noble. I was convinced!

Now, its two months later and I haven't regretted this purchase at all. I've learned that just because I have an electronic reader and some books are more reasonably purchased in that format doesn't mean that I have to give up 'real' books. There are some purchases I will always make as 'real' books. I'm just that stubborn. I have been pleasantly surprised though to find that some books are cheaper in their electronic format (but not always). I have saved myself a few trips to the bookstore; admittedly, this could be seen in both a positive and negative light. But, overall, I have to say that this was a pretty logical purchase for me and my life.

Tell me, do you have an electronic reader?

Any opinions, stories, suggestions, comments on this topic?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

It’s back!


I finally have something to write about! I've been a bit or a whiner and a complainer lately because I just haven't had anything to write about. I haven't felt like writing about anything. I couldn't come up with a thing that even sounded remotely interesting or worth writing about. But luckily, this morning sitting in church, inspiration struck! I came home and immediately started writing again. The thoughts and ideas were just flowing uncontrollably. Finally, I have something that I'm happy and excited about. I've really missed this. If I could write like this every day, I wouldn't make it to my real job.

Just thought I would make a note of my excitement today!

How about you? Are you a writer? Have you ever been to the point where you were irritated and flustered because you couldn't come up with anything and suddenly, it was right there? Tell me about you experiences, how you deal with them, what processes work best for you?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

At a loss…

Lately I've really been at a loss in regard to my writing. I feel like I have nothing to write about. For the last 8-10 months I've really put my writing on hold. When I started teaching high school last year my time devoted to writing was literally nonexistent. Needless to say, I didn't get much accomplished. This year though, school teaching is completely different. I'm much more settled into a routine. I feel like I have more extra time on my hands and I've really been getting that writing urge. I want to write. I have the desire to write. I am wishing to be productive. But, every time I sit down to a blank screen or paper, I go blank. I feel like this is past the point where it could be considered writer's block. I literally have NOTHING in my mind to even attempt. I'm signed up for NaNoWriMo this year. This is something I have wanted to participate in for the last three or four years, I've just always been too busy. So, I'm trying to form some ideas and get at least an idea of what I'm going to write about, but nothing is happening! I'm stuck in a rut. I have the desire to get out, but it seems I don't have the means! Frustration is becoming way too familiar for my liking.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Yeah, I've been a little MIA lately. Well, I guess six months doesn't really qualify as "lately." It has actually been a long while since I've posted anything. I had a crazy busy summer and since school has started back this fall, I haven't had a lot of extra time. But, it's that time of year again; things are starting to slow down a bit more. I'm finding that I have a little more time on my hands. I have definitely missed the blogging world, and I'm excited to be putting myself back out there. There have been some interesting changes in my life lately, and I should have some exciting things coming up in the next few months that I'm getting excited about and I'm eager to share.