Thursday, February 11, 2010

Another snow post

So, I know lots of you Northern folk have been blogging about snow for a while now. Snow is nothing new. Lots of people deal with it on a regular basis. For many people, snow is simply an ordinary aspect of winter. But, here in south Arkansas snow is regarded as an unusual natural occurrence. With just the slightest mention of the possibility of snow, people begin to stock up on the essentials...just in case something happens. By the time, the first snowflake falls, most schools have already made plans to close on the following day. Its amazing to me, how snow can be such an average aspect of winter month's for so many people, its something they learn to live with (for the most part) and their daily life isn't really affect. But, once you move down south, its like everyday life cannot go on if its going to snow.
Crazy huh?
This picture is only a small glimpse of the snow that can be found in our part of the world...

So, what do you think? Questions? Comments?

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  1. arkansas is awesome when it snows. people freak out and stuff gets closed over a few inches. i bet it looks really nice there.