Saturday, January 9, 2010

Oh my poor thighs!

Ok, so since the hubs and I got hitched last summer, I've put on a few pounds and I'm not entirely happy with myself, on top of that going through the holidays didn't really do anything to help my self-image either.

Also, the hubs has made a few comments the last few months that he wouldn't mind getting back into the gym and working out more. He's an old football player and has that kind of build, so he's naturally kind of a big guy anyway. Honestly, I haven't noticed any difference in his appearance or weight ever since we started dating almost four years ago. Honestly, to me he still looks EXACTLY the same, which makes me jealous because I know my weight has gone up and down a little bit the entire time we have been together. I just can't ever seem to get to a weight that I'm happy with and maintain it.

So, for the last couple of months we have been debating on whether or not to join a gym together. I never had any doubt that he would use it. He's one of those guys that actually likes to work out for fun. Did you get that? FOR FUN!!! How crazy is that? I am SOOO not like that. Working out is torture for me. Even when I was in high school and was still in pretty good shape, I hating the working out aspect of everything. So, our 'joining a gym' debate mostly centered around me and whether or not I would actually go.

So, Christmas came around and the hubs' parents were asking us what we would like for Christmas. And he told them about this discussion that we had been having. Lucky for us, our Christmas gift was money for gym membership joining fee and the cost for the first few months. This was the perfect gift to give us the incentive to get started and motivated.

Needless to say, since about December 28th, we have been hitting the gym pretty hard (the hubs hitting it harder than me). He has only missed one day of working out since then, I have only missed four. So, right now I'm pretty proud of myself. Even if everyone else in the gym sees me as one of the resolutionists that will be out of there in a few weeks, I think I'll be able to keep up with this pretty easily, especially with the hubs to help keep me motivated. He will probably be the biggest factor in my success with this.

Since the 1st, I have dropped 2 pounds. I know its not a lot, but it is a starting point. And they say that a pound a week is a safe rate to lose weight. If you lose weight at a slow pace, its more likely to stay off. So, I'm hopeful and still pretty excited.

I know this isn't a weight loss blog, and I'm not going to turn it into one. But, I did want to share my excitement about this and hopefully generate some support as I try to keep myself motivated!

What about you guys? Anyone else trying to work on something like this? What are you doing? Any suggestions or tips?

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  1. Congrats on your new workout plan and sticking to it! How exciting! I've done the same ... I joined a gym about 4 weeks ago. I had my son almost 7months ago and obviously put on a little weight so I've tried to get in shape! In company with going to the gym I've actually started doing Weight Watchers. I know it sounds cheesy and you always think those things are a scam and never work. But I've actually seen immediate results and I'm eating a TON of food. Its just really healthy stuff! If its something your interested in doing I would definitely recommend it. I needed convincing as well - actually 7 months of convincing! :) My mom started when my son was just a few weeks and she's lost 14lbs just by doing weight watchers nothing else! Good luck and stick to it! I don't go everyday either! I go about 4-6 times a week! Congrats on your 2 pounds! How exciting!!!!!!!