Thursday, January 28, 2010

And before I forget

One of my favorite authors has died.
I'm mourning a little bit.

Good bye J.D. Salinger!


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It's official

I'm sick! I feel like trash! I'm surrounded in tissues and my nose has developed a mind of its on. The headache from hell has been hounding me ALL day and I've been trying my best to ignore it, pretending I'm ok. But, it's finally caught up to me. My nose is running, my body aches, and all I want to do is sleep. It's very likely that I will not be making it to work tomorrow. *sniff sniff*

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Odd holiday

Happy Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day!

Hope you have a little POP in your day!

A little peeved

So, I love this site, For the last several months, this is where I have been getting almost all of my books from. I mean, seriously, this is a great site. It's set up as an online book club where members swap books and only paying the shipping price. Its so great! Anyway, I haven't had any problem with any of the books I have received through this site at all, until today. And really the problem I have isn't even all that major, its just enough to irritate me. I recently requested a book from the site. I requested a hardcover copy of the specific book and was told that the copy being mailed to me fit the description of the book I requested. (There are different options and things to check to specify whether or not you want paperback, hardcover, audio, etc...). So, naturally I was expecting to receive a hardcover book. But, when I checked my mail today, guess what...not hardcover copy of the book. I received a paperback copy of my requested book. And while this may not seem like a big deal to most people, remember, I teach high school English, I prefer to purchase and provide hardback books for my classroom, simply because they last longer. Especially considering the treatment most teenagers give books. If this particular book was just going to sit on my bookshelf at home, this probably never would have phased me. Its just the simple fact that I requested a hardback, was told I was being sent a hardback...and when I receive it...its a paperback. Now, mind you, it is a paperback that is in excellent condition. I have absolutely no complaints about the condition of the book at all, it just isn't what I asked for.

Am I wrong for being upset about this, or is this just one of those things that I just need to let go and not worry about?

What about you? Have you ever been in any type of situation similar to this?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Odd Holiday

Happy Scientist's Day!

In honor of Sir Francis Bacon's birthday...

Make yourself feel smart, go out and get a copy of Bacon's
The Essay's
"Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man."

Monday, January 18, 2010

Sunday secrets

I'm a little behind this week,
so here ya go,
Sunday Secrets....on Monday
This weeks faves...

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Perks

The Perks of Being a Wallflower
By: Stephen Chbosky

"... And in that moment, I swear we were infinite."
Maybe I'm a little behind the bandwagon, but I just now read this. Apparently everyone else has already read, years ago. Well, somehow I missed it. While I was working at the bookstore, every time I turned around someone was telling me how great this book is. I had very high expectations for this book as I went in. And, I wasn't entirely disappointed. Truthfully, it wasn't anything I was expecting. As I began reading, my preconceived notions about the book slowly disappeared .
Charlie, the narrator, goes through a year of high school and experiences most of the things everyone goes through, he just recounts it in such a way that exemplifies a far more mature point of view than I had at that age. He has been told that he needs to "participate" more in life instead of just sitting on the sidelines and watching it all pass by. He develops several friendships with several older students from his school that introduce him to a variety of situations, his first real date, drug use, and sexual relationships. Charlie is a character himself that grows and develops throughout the book. He isn't the same in the end as he was when he is first introduced in the early pages.
In the end, while this may not be a very new book, and it may not have actually been what I was expecting, but it was a very enjoyable read. I was totally sad when it was finished. I felt like I grew to know each of the characters and I was left wanting to know more after I had finished reading the last page. I guess I would recommend this to someone. It wouldn't be a the top of my list, but I can easily see how other people may even enjoy it more than I did. So, if you think you might be interested, go ahead and read's pretty good, not too bad.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Unmotivated, maybe?

So, I really wanted to post something today. I worked on a new post, spent a good little bit of time on it....I just can't seem to get it together how I want it.

Anyone else ever have that problem? You can put things down on paper (or a computer screen) and you can try tons of different ways, and nothing seems right.

Well anyway, it looks like this is going to be about it for me tonight.

Well wishes for every one's tomorrow!

"There is a wisdom that is woe; but there is a woe that is madness."
Moby Dick, By Herman Melville

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Oh my poor thighs!

Ok, so since the hubs and I got hitched last summer, I've put on a few pounds and I'm not entirely happy with myself, on top of that going through the holidays didn't really do anything to help my self-image either.

Also, the hubs has made a few comments the last few months that he wouldn't mind getting back into the gym and working out more. He's an old football player and has that kind of build, so he's naturally kind of a big guy anyway. Honestly, I haven't noticed any difference in his appearance or weight ever since we started dating almost four years ago. Honestly, to me he still looks EXACTLY the same, which makes me jealous because I know my weight has gone up and down a little bit the entire time we have been together. I just can't ever seem to get to a weight that I'm happy with and maintain it.

So, for the last couple of months we have been debating on whether or not to join a gym together. I never had any doubt that he would use it. He's one of those guys that actually likes to work out for fun. Did you get that? FOR FUN!!! How crazy is that? I am SOOO not like that. Working out is torture for me. Even when I was in high school and was still in pretty good shape, I hating the working out aspect of everything. So, our 'joining a gym' debate mostly centered around me and whether or not I would actually go.

So, Christmas came around and the hubs' parents were asking us what we would like for Christmas. And he told them about this discussion that we had been having. Lucky for us, our Christmas gift was money for gym membership joining fee and the cost for the first few months. This was the perfect gift to give us the incentive to get started and motivated.

Needless to say, since about December 28th, we have been hitting the gym pretty hard (the hubs hitting it harder than me). He has only missed one day of working out since then, I have only missed four. So, right now I'm pretty proud of myself. Even if everyone else in the gym sees me as one of the resolutionists that will be out of there in a few weeks, I think I'll be able to keep up with this pretty easily, especially with the hubs to help keep me motivated. He will probably be the biggest factor in my success with this.

Since the 1st, I have dropped 2 pounds. I know its not a lot, but it is a starting point. And they say that a pound a week is a safe rate to lose weight. If you lose weight at a slow pace, its more likely to stay off. So, I'm hopeful and still pretty excited.

I know this isn't a weight loss blog, and I'm not going to turn it into one. But, I did want to share my excitement about this and hopefully generate some support as I try to keep myself motivated!

What about you guys? Anyone else trying to work on something like this? What are you doing? Any suggestions or tips?

Thursday, January 7, 2010


It wasn't like that for me...

So, tell me was your high school experience? Were you a good student? Did you get along with the other kids? Did you get along with your teachers? Did you have lots of friends? Did you appreciate or respect your teachers, or did you never consider that they were actually real people?

This has been a difficult year for me. I am currently half way through my first year of teaching high school English. The school I am at is a VERY small town school. Small as in the entire school (K-12) might have a total of 300 students. There are only two English teachers in the high school. Throughout the course of my day I see 7th graders, two 9th grade classes (the boys and girls are separated), 10th grade, 11th grade, and 12th grade. My largest class consists of 22 kids and my smallest has 6. But, this really isn't a shocker for me. My own high school was about the same size.

I am very impatient with people sometimes. This is definitely something I have to work on dealing with kids on a daily basis. While this has been a difficult career move for me, I am learning a lot. The thought that has most often gone through my mind though is "I was never like this in high school."

I had a very good high school experience. I was involved in all the extra curriculars, I played basketball and softball. I made pretty good grades, nothing outstanding, mostly A's and B's. I had plenty of friends and actually enjoyed going to school. So, maybe I have a biased view of the high school experience. And for the most part, I liked all of my teachers, even if I didn't like them, I respected them. My parents raised me to respect adults and not to speak to them in certain ways. I worried about my grades and always tried to do my best. I have to say, I was a pretty good student and I know most of my teachers liked me as well.

But, these kids that I am now dealing with are the laziest, most disrespectful uncaring kids I have ever seen or known in my life. They literally do NOTHING! The thought of failing a class doesn't bother them in the least. The speak to me in ways that I would never have even thought of speaking to an adult, much less a teacher! They back talk, smart mouth, don't listen, yell, cuss, and throw such fits when things don't go their way. These students aren't accountable for anything and their sense of responsibility is nonexistent.

My point in all this is, I am terrified for these kids to graduate and get out in the real world. I honestly don't think the majority of them will make it. They are all so spoiled and are graduating with no knowledge of how to survive in the world. Actually, I don't understand how they are graduating at al considering they never do any work. I'm at a very frustrated point right now. I literally don't know what to do when the students won't do their part. I mean, I can only do so much. I'm to the point that I feel like as long as I get up and teach the lesson, then I've done my part. If they don't do the assignments or pass the tests, its no longer my problem. I can't FORCE them to read when they go home at night.

These types of feelings frighten me. I'm not even through my first year of teaching and I am already at my wits end. Current statistics show that the majority of new teachers don't stay in the field more than three years before moving on to another career. This is why there is such a demand for teachers right now, no one wants to continue teaching after they have actually been in the classroom. And I'm beginning to understand why.

So, tell me, how was you high school experience, is this the kind of student you were, how did you treat your teachers, how did they treat you?

I'm all about suggestions, ideas, or thoughts about how to make things better/easier for myself.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Birthday mention

Happy Birthday J.R.R Tolkien

Thanks for all your literary contributions!
Hey all you readers....
go out and try one of these...
1. The Hobbit
2. The Lord the Rings
3. The Silmarillion
4. The Children of Hurin


A few of my favorite secrets this week...

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

And another list

So, I'm kind of a list person. Its the beginning of a new year, and like nearly everyone else in the country, I have a list of new goals to go along with this new year.

10. Pass my Master's degree comprehensive exam in April

9. Prepare adequately for my comprehensive exam.

8. Become more organized

7. Write more for my own pleasure and enjoyment

8. Blog more for myself, give myself more of a chance for more introspection and self-awareness

6. Lose some weight

5. Exercise more

4. Live greener

3. Take one big trip...hopefully somewhere out of the country

2. Spend more time with my family before my husband and I move away

1. Experience and enjoy more new things

I realize that most of these goals are pretty general and mundane. Hopefully as the year goes along I can come up with more specific ways to accomplish these goals. Any ideas or suggestions?

What about you? What kinds of goals do you want to accomplish this year?

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year = New Blog

So, basically I've been blogging for a while now. But, lots of things were going on in my life, lots of things were changing, and my blogging began to slack off. Here I am now, life has slowed down a little bit, kind of gotten back to normal, and I'm trying to get back to my routine. I love blogging, I have missed being in the blogger loop, but now I'm back. I've got a new blog and a new perspective, so hopefully you are here to enjoy with me this experience that I call my life.